Reviews / Christiaan Punter about the Audio Show Alkmaar maart 2019

“Mafico and Driade joined forces to deliver a sound with Driade Premium Model 3 speakers using an Ayon S3 streamer, Spirit III integrated amp (in Triode mode) and the CD-10 CD player that was lively and dynamic and highly communicative, with a wide soundstage.

Driade was a popular Dutch speaker brand until the owner, Arnold Heres, retired and went to enjoy his pension in Bali. After some time, however, Arnold got that itch again and decided to revive his speaker brand and the current line of Driade speakers is the result.

I’ve reviewed all the Ayon components of this system but I am not familiar with the speakers. While I liked the natural timbre and the overall energetic delivery, I also found the upper midrange and lower treble to be a little forward at times. The overall consensus, however, was that many people liked this presentation.

Chances are that I will be reviewing one of his speakers at some point in the near future.” / Geoffrey van Houwaert over de X-fi audio Show september 2018
Zo vonden wij de PS Audio set met de weergaloze YG Acoustics Sonja luidsprekers heel goed klinken, als ook de prachtige Ayon buizenversterkers in combinatie met Driade (top-10)….



Music Emotion en / René van Es in april 2018 over de Driade Premium Model 2

Een ander geluid dan B&W, anders dan KEF, Dynaudio of Focal. Een vleugje nostalgie en oude waarden klinken door in de Driade, een kostbaar vleugje dat we vooral niet moeten vergeten in de wereld van hedendaagse technologie. De Premium Model 2 heeft iets lekkers, iets menselijks, een ziel en dat maakt hem herkenbaar anders, ook in uiterlijk.



The Ear hi-fi music gear / Trevor Butler about the X-fi audio Show October 2017
“The biggest news story for me was the re-emergence of a once hugely popular Dutch speaker brand. Driade is back and with a new range thanks to original founder Arnold Heres who sold the company in 1992 but re-formed it two years ago because it had become dormant. He is pictured with the €4,500 Model 2, launched at the show and part of a four-model line-up made in The Netherlands.”

Driade Premium Reviews

"Met de Model One gaat Driade verder waar het gebleven was. De afwerking van de Model One is subliem"
"De Premium Model 2 laat de passie horen, het orkest, de vloeiende piano en vooral de stem van de dame"